Certerra Inc. is a biotechnology company that uses a proprietary PharmacomapTM method of screening neural activation across the entire brain for drug discovery in neuroscience. Certerra’s goal is to radically improve predictability from preclinical studies to human outcomes in clinical trials. Our PharmacomapTM method is applicable for screening of novel compounds being developed for a broad spectrum of brain disorders, including neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative ones, as well as repurposing of existing drugs .

Our central hypothesis is that the effects a drug has on the brain are largely determined by which neurons it activates. This hypothesis is based on the core tenet of neuroscience, which is that sensation, perception, intention, action, and all other mental processes are driven by the activity of neurons and the networks they form. Thus, we assert that clinical trial unpredictability with regard to brain disorders is in large part due to the lack of methods for determining which neurons are activated by a given drug across the entire brain. At Certerra, we have bridged this gap by developing an automated, high-throughput PharmacomapTM method that allows us to visualize and then quantify drug-evoked effects in the mammalian (mouse or rat) brain at single-neuron resolution.

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